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Quality Home Elevator (1:2 Hydraulic)

Once considered a luxury, the home elevator has evolved into an everyday household comfort, allowing you to move groceries, laundry, luggage, guests, furniture, and other items from floor to floor with ease.

Panorama Residential Elevators can be designed into new home construction or added to existing homes, designed with the customer in mind, with a multitude of premium features, finishes and colour options. Delivering quite, smooth, dependable operation day in and day out.

The Panorama has many standard and optional features to help you in creating a customized elevator to meet all of your needs.

The majority of our cars are made using hardwoods and veneers. They can be finished in the factory or in the field.


  • 1000 lbs. (454 kg) rated load
  • 50 fpm (0.15 m/s) maximum speed
  • 60 ft. (18.29 m) maximum travel
  • 8 stops maximum
  • Automatic controls CSA/UL listed
  • Accordian or scissor style car gates
  • Manual or automatic swing entrances
  • 1:2 cable hydraulic drive
  • Instantaneous safety device
  • Emergency battery lowering & car lights
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Stainless steel trim
  • Hydraulic pump unit of compact design