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Quality Home Elevator (1:2 Hydraulic)

Once considered a luxury, the home elevator has evolved into an everyday household comfort, allowing you to move groceries, laundry, luggage, guests, furniture, and other items from floor to floor with ease.

Panorama Residential Elevators can be designed into new home construction or added to existing homes, designed with the customer in mind, with a multitude of premium features, finishes and colour options. Delivering quite, smooth, dependable operation day in and day out.

The Panorama has many standard and optional features to help you in creating a customized elevator to meet all of your needs.

The majority of our cars are made using hardwoods and veneers. They can be finished in the factory or in the field.


  • 1000 lbs. (454 kg) rated load
  • 50 fpm (0.15 m/s) maximum speed
  • 60 ft. (18.29 m) maximum travel
  • 8 stops maximum
  • Automatic controls CSA/UL listed
  • Accordian or scissor style car gates
  • Manual or automatic swing entrances
  • 1:2 cable hydraulic drive
  • Instantaneous safety device
  • Emergency battery lowering & car lights
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Stainless steel trim
  • Hydraulic pump unit of compact design 

Eclipse Home Elevator

 The Eclipse residential elevator is a smooth riding elevator that doesn’t require a separate machine room so it takes less space in the home and usually takes less time to install than hydraulic elevators. Construction requirements for the Eclipse are simpler than some other home elevators, making it easier to install into an existing home.

Order your Eclipse elevator customized to your needs with an extensive menu of options. Choose from our standard melamines for your interior finish, or upgrade to wood veneer, available in a range of finishes. For the ultimate in luxury, select a hand-crafted hardwood interior stained in your choice of color. Your Eclipse elevator can also be ordered in MDF and finished on site by your contractor to match your current home finishes.

Your local dealer can also show you the many ways to make your Eclipse home elevator the perfect complement to your home. Remove the burden of stairs and enhance your home with this fine elevator from Savaria.

Infinity Luxury Home Elevator

The Infinity luxury home elevator is the ultimate smooth, quiet ride thanks to its precision hydraulic drive system. When you install an Infinity elevator in your home you add the ultimate in convenience. Whether it's carrying luggage or laundry, riding in comfort and luxury eliminates the barrier of stairs.

Your Infinity elevator starts with a reliable hydraulic drive system that features a whisper-quiet pump and motor. With gradual acceleration and deceleration, your ride starts and stops smoothly, automatically levelling at each landing.

Configuring your Infinity includes choosing up to 5 stops and an interior cab size of up to 15 sq. ft (4.57 m2). A standard unit features one opening and you can add a second opening to accommodate your needs at different landings.

Inside your Infinity elevator, four recessed ceiling lights are included along with a stainless steel cab operating panel and illuminated buttons. A standard unit comes in your choice of melamine walls. Savaria also offers a selection of wood veneer finishes as well as finely crafted hardwoods such as raised cherry panels. See a complete list of options below. You can also have your Savaria elevator finished on site by your own contractor to match your current home finishes. 

Savaria Home Elevators


Savaria C65 Inclined Platform Lift

The Savaria C65 inclined platform lift provides access over stairs that feature multiple levels, curves, intermediate landings or changes in direction. Custom built to fit your project, the C65 lift does not require major renovations to install and meets ADA-compliance for accessibility.

For barrier-free access in your public building, the Savaria C65 lift is designed to carry a person in a wheelchair safely over stairs. The lift folds up when not in use, allowing full access to the stairs. With optional out-of-the-way parking, the C65 provides simple-to-use accessibility when needed.

Custom built to your specifications, the C65 lift is installed securely with its rail system using self-supporting stanchions or along a side wall. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in many areas, the lift is solidly constructed for dependable operation. 


The Prolift vertical platform lift is a smooth, quiet and efficient operation lift that can be installed in an existing or new structure. Its durable design and the wide variety of options to choose from make it a great affordable lift that meets your accessibility requirements.

The Savaria Prolift can be configured to travel up to 12 feet with as many as 5 stops. With a hydraulic drive, the Prolift is a reliable and quiet system suitable for use in places of worship, schools and other public buildings. Finished in melamine or optional plastic laminate and stainless fixtures, the Prolift can be sized with an interior cab of up to 35"W x 60"L.

PAL Vertical Platform Lift

The Savaria P.A.L. (Personal Accessibility Lift) is a stainless steel vertical platform lift to carry one person in a wheelchair. The hydraulic drive system is enclosed in a tower so that no machine room is required.

Available unenclosed, enclosed, or for use in a hoistway, the P.A.L. is a flexible lift suitable for a range of installation types. Standard travel height is 48" (120.2 cm), with an option to travel up to 168" (426.7 cm) floor to floor*. The P.A.L. can be enclosed with acrylic panels or safety glass and can accommodate up to 3 stops.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the Savaria P.A.L. provides access for public spaces or for home use.


Multilift Deck Lift

The Multilift is a vertical platform lift, designed for low-rise travel, inside or outside your home or in certain public spaces. With its durable design, the Multilift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates.

At the heart of the Multilift is the reliable operation of the ACME screw drive which delivers precision movement and performance you can count on day after day. Handling up to 750 lb (340 kg), this lift can carry a passenger in a wheelchair with ease. An array of safety features ensure safe operation including underpan sensors to stop the lift if it senses an obstruction.

With its enclosed drive tower and base, the Multilift is easy to install and up for the extremes of outdoors. There are three platform sizes to choose from at no additional cost. Available for commercial applications in the U.S., and home use anywhere, the Multilift is an easy way to add access for low-rise travel.


ES-125 Inclined Platform Lift

The compact ES-125 inclined platform lift is easily installed on most straight staircases indoors or outdoors. This unit is a great space-saving and affordable option when you require access to a secondary level but an elevator or vertical lift is not a practical option. It travels along a guide rail over the stairs to carry a wheelchair passenger up or down a straight run of stairs.

Suitable for use in homes or in public spaces, the ES-125 lift is available in two models, the standard and plus. The Standard model requires a machine room where the drive is located and thereby hiding it out-of-sight. The Plus model houses the drive in a tower located at the top of the stairs, a good solution when it is not possible to locate the drive remotely.

When not in use, the unit folds to within 11" (279 mm) of the wall, leaving access to the stairs. Unfold the unit and the dual access ramps automatically lower to provide easy access to the non-skid platform. The ES-125 is a popular choice for churches, schools and homes where access over a flight of stairs is needed.


Savaria Wheel Chair Lifts