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Federal Elevator Wheel Chair Lifts

Carelift Wheelchair Lift

Carelift Wheelchair Lift is a fully enclosed commercial application lift that can provide access to all levels of your building up to 6 different floors. Carelift can be installed in a new or existing building and requires only an 8″ pit and 96″ of overhead space. A large selection of cab wall finished are available to make it fit any decor. Manual or automatic swing doors are available. Carelift is the ideal multilevel accessibility solution for any building.


  • 1400 lbs. (635 kg) rated load
  • 50 fpm (0.25 m/s) maximum speed
  • 23 ft. 3 in. (7 m) maximum travel
  • 6 stops maximum
  • Constant pressure controls CSA/UL listed
  • Manual or automatic swing entrances
  • Prime coat or stainless steel entrances
  • 1:2 cable hydraulic drive
  • Instantaneous safety device
  • Emergency battery lowering & car lights
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Stainless steel trim
  • Hydraulic pump unit of compact design