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Savaria C65 Inclined Platform Lift

The Savaria C65 inclined platform lift provides access over stairs that feature multiple levels, curves, intermediate landings or changes in direction. Custom built to fit your project, the C65 lift does not require major renovations to install and meets ADA-compliance for accessibility.

For barrier-free access in your public building, the Savaria C65 lift is designed to carry a person in a wheelchair safely over stairs. The lift folds up when not in use, allowing full access to the stairs. With optional out-of-the-way parking, the C65 provides simple-to-use accessibility when needed.

Custom built to your specifications, the C65 lift is installed securely with its rail system using self-supporting stanchions or along a side wall. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in many areas, the lift is solidly constructed for dependable operation.